10 Ways Podcasters Can Use AI

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It’s no secret that the time it takes to produce a podcast can be pretty demanding. There are promotional activities, show notes, social media posts, interviews prep and more. And while some of these tasks may seem like they don’t take up much time in your day, when you add them all together they really start to take over! In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 ways podcasters can use AI to free themselves from these tasks so they can spend their precious time doing what they’re best at – podcasting!

1- Show Notes

There are a couple of different schools of thought when it comes to show notes. On one hand, you have the “I don’t want to take time away from my podcast” camp. And on the other, there are podcasters who see show notes as a great marketing opportunity and curate them carefully. Regardless of which side of this fence you’re on it’s important to remember that show notes can be time-consuming!

What if I told you that you can be in both camps at the same time? By using Jarvis.ai you can ensure your show notes are always rich and detailed without taking time away from your podcast.

This is important because inherently there is no algorithm that drives podcasting, but when you write detailed show notes you are able to use Google’s search algorithm to drive listeners to your show. By having a huge library of rich and detailed show notes you are able to exponentially increase the number of downloads that your show receives.

Here are two recipes that will help you to create more detailed show notes in just minutes.

Guest Show Notes

Topical Show Notes with Linda Bonney’s 54321 method

2- Clever Quotes for Social Media

Many of the most popular social media accounts share images with quotes on them. And if you’re like most podcasters, it would be a dream come true to have your own library of quotes that are relevant and topical for social media sharing.

In order to create this type of library with Jarvis.ai all you need is keywords!

Let’s say I want my quote about podcasting that will inspire people to have better sound quality…

In Bossmode you can use the command

Write several quotes about podcasting that will inspire people to use a better microphone

and you will get results like the following:

“The quality of your podcast is defined by the quality of your audio”.

“This is your life, this is your art, this is what you’re doing with your life. Be proud of it.” – Ram Dass.

“We put so much attention on what we say, but so little on how it sounds.” – Rick Marin

“Sound is just as important as performance when it comes to delivering a great podcast.” – Ann Marie Van Sant

“Good Sound plus Good Content plus Performance equals Great Podcast”

Now I’m not going to fact check those here, but any quote that Jarvis attributes is usually (but not always) wrong. Here is an article on how to deal with quotes and facts that Jarvis writes.

But when you fact-check those you can either find the right attribution or if there is none you can remove it entirely. You can then slap those quotes on a Canva template and you’re off to the races!

3- Instagram Carousels

Instagram has a feature where you can put up to 10 images in a post. This is called a Carousel. I am traditionally bad about writing copy for those carousels and so I took some time out of my day and found about 50 engaging carousels and tried to see what they had in common. What I found is that they all followed a similar format. I call that format TASER which stands for Topic, Attention, Statements, Engage, Request. All carousels have a single topic which they use to get your attention and then they make statements of fact, ask you a question that relates to the topic, and then request that you do something.

I built a recipe for that here

and this is what the output looks like:

Topic: Podcasting Tips for Beginners

Attention: Why start your own podcast

Statement 1: Podcasting is an inexpensive, low-risk way to build an audience.

Statement 2: It’s a great opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader.

Statement 3: You can create your very own niche.

Statement 4: Podcasting is an easy way to make passive income.

Statement 5: You can practice your public speaking skills in a low-risk way.

Statement 6: Podcasting is an opportunity to use your voice and have a platform to share that with the world.

Statement 7: It’s incredibly fun and rewarding!

Engage: What are your thoughts on starting a podcast?

Request: If you want to learn more about starting a podcast, check out my podcast called Podcasting 4 Beginners. You can also click in the bio

Each of those sections after the Topic is a different image in the carousel which will help you to get more engagement on Instagram.

4- Episode Ideation

When I teach new podcasters how to plan their show I make them come up with at least 8 ideas for their topic before they record. This is because I know that the first few episodes are most important to build up your momentum. In the same time that a new podcaster can come up with 8 episode ideas, Jarvis can come up with 50. Run your topic through the Episode Ideation recipe and you’ll get a list of episode ideas that you can go through and pick the best ones.

Run through the recipe here to see if you can come up with any new ideas

5- Get more downloads with better titles

We are constantly told that we should not judge a book by it’s cover, but that is what we do every time we see a podcast in our feeds. Your first impression is powerful and if a potential future listener gets hooked by a good title then you know that that person is more likely to download and listen.

Jarvis has templates for Video titles and Blog post titles to help you create engaging titles that people want to learn more about. If this blog post were the show notes for an episode these are the titles that Jarvis would Generate

9 Ways Podcasters can use AI

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Get Inspired For Your Next Podcast Episode

6- Episode Outlines

When you build your episode outlines you want to have a structure that makes it easy for someone who is listening to follow along.

An outline can be as simple or complex as you want, but if you’re having trouble getting started Jarvis has templates for both Blog Posts and Video Outlines which will help guide your creation of better content.

An example for an episode called Jarvis the AI assistant for podcasters would be

1. What is Jarvis
2. How do I use it
3. Why should you use it
4. Some benefits of using Jarvis
5. When to use Jarvis for podcasting-prep, social media, and show notes

7- Interview Prep

When I interview guests I like to have a list of questions that I can fall back on, so that if they answer a question in an unexpected way I have some questions that will help me direct the conversation to something more productive.

Jarvis can build engaging questions for you in the Engaging Questions template.

If I were interviewing a small business owner about using VA’s well and my audience was stay at home mompreneurs I would get questions like:

Do you have to pay a VA hourly or by the project?

How do I find a virtual assistant that can help me?

What’s the difference between an online and local VA service?

What are some examples of things my VA should be doing for me?

These questions are not simple yes or no questions they are questions that will hopefully lead your guest to tell interesting stories about how they learned that information or how they applied it in their business.

8- Creating a killer description

I have a really hard time coming up with great descriptions for my shows. I can describe them but I have a hard time coming up with a description that will make people want to click play.

Jarvis can help you write killer descriptions for your show by using the product description and or the PAS templates.

Simply describe your show how you would to a friend, “This show is about baseball and we started it because we wanted a space to talk about it and find others that wanted to talk about it too and hope to be able to help people by bringing them together in our common love of America’s Pasttime”

If you run that through the Product Description template you might get something like this:

Baseballs and Strikes, a Baseball Podcast is all about the sport we love. It’s for those who want to keep up with their local teams or learn more about baseball as an industry (Rick discusses this issue on our show) but also like talking across borders to share their enthusiasm with anyone that wants to join in.

Run that Product Description through the PAS framework and you get something like this:

Baseball is a great sport, but it’s hard to keep up with your local team. It can be hard to find the time and energy for following your favorite teams when you’re busy at work or school. You might not know who they are playing next, or what their record is like.

We have the answer! Our podcast will help you stay on top of all things baseball without having to do any research yourself. We’ll give you updates on how your team is doing, talk about interesting players in the league, and share our thoughts on recent trades and draft picks. Plus we’ll have guests from around the world talking about their love for America’s pastime so that no matter where you live, you’ll feel like you’re at the ballpark.

Both of these sound like something that would make your audience click play, don’t they?

9- Make yourself sound good

It is inevitable when you are a podcaster eventually you begin to go on other podcasts. Many of them ask you to present a bio, but if you are like me it’s hard to describe myself.

You can use the bio generator to make yourself sound amazing

Here is what I would write:

Branden is a husband, father and big time Nerd. He loves podcasting and comic books. He helps people to find the joy in the things they love.

This is what Jarvis turned it into:

Branden is a nerd at heart and has been his entire life. From reading Batman comics as a kid to collecting action figures today, Branden’s love of all things geeky has never waned for even one second! It was this passion that led him down an unexpected path: helping other nerds (like himself) find joy in what they love! Whether it be Comic Books or Star Wars, Branden can’t wait to share his knowledge with anyone who will listen

Amazing right, now imagine if you have a guest that doesn’t have a bio, but you want to make them sound awesome. You can then use the same bio generator to help them make themselves sound amazing.

10- Compliment your Episode with a Blog

When you use Jarvis’ Long Form Assistant especially with Bossmode you are able to quickly create content that is easily digestible by your audience. You can use this content to complement blog posts that you write and make the overall flow easier for people to read. Even if you don’t use the blog as your show notes it will help people get to your website. Your website can have a Facebook Pixel to help track who is coming to your site and market to them on Facebook.

Now you can advertise your show to warm leads who know you and like what you have to say. It’s a great way for podcasters who are trying to increase listeners, gain new followers or advertise their show when they’re approaching guests on other podcasts.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of ways that Jarvis can help you as a podcaster spend less time on writing and more time creating the content that you love, your podcast. If you want to learn how to do these things and more be sure that you sign up for the FREE Podcast With Jarvis course that I offer. It will walk you through all of the ways that Jarvis can make your life easier as a podcaster.

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