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What is a Recipe?

Think of recipes like a Workflow for Jarvis.AI  If you have something that you want to create from the same input over and over a recipe is a quick way to knock that out.  Recipes are explained in my free 5-day Email Course that you can sign up for at PodcastWithJarvis.com

The Recipes on this page are recipes that I have created by breaking down the processes used to make things like Google Snippets, Podcast Show Notes, and Various Social Media Posts.  If you have a recipe you would like me to create drop me a line at Branden@UshioLabs.com

Google Answer Snippet

Use this Recipe in order to write a paragraph that sounds similar to the answers that Google Selects.  It includes an option to give guiding data  in order to get the RIGHT answer

Guest Show Notes

Quickly write show notes based off of your guest's bio.  Help your audience know how your guest is going to help them before they even listen to the episode. After all your guest has their solution.

Engaging Social Post about a Quote

Write an Engaging Social media post based off of a quote that your guest said while on your show.  Explain the value and feed the algorithm by asking a question

54321 Topical Show Notes

Based on Linda Bonney's 54321 show notes method this recipe helps you to create shownotes that cover 5 keywords, with 4 persuasive bullet points, 3 Sentences describing the Episode, 2 Resources and 1 Call to Action.

Episode Idea Generator

There are many benefits to having a list of titles for episodes that one can cycle through. You won't get stuck when you don't know what to podcast about or have trouble finding topics ideas. It will also help you find presenters, chatters, and experts on certain subjects faster.

Instagram TASER Carousel

The TASER Template is for anyone hoping to get more interesting copy FAST. It's the perfect thing to help podcasters, writers, or even business owners create stronger Instagram carousels, content outlines, listicles, etc.

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